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Professional Networks Can Increase Your Winning Potential

By Lea Culver - Published Nov 6, 2023

Creating a professional network within the government contracting market can significantly improve a company’s opportunity for winning contracts. One platform facilitating such networking is InfoSquirrel™ and its social networking Global Registry, which serves as a hub for companies to showcase their capabilities and past performance. Here’s how companies benefit from such networking, particularly by combining their strengths to improve contract-winning potential.... Read Post

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Harnessing the Power of Social Networks

By Scott Haltom - Published Oct 25, 2023

Read more to find out how you can harness the power of social networks to win business.... Read Post

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Pursuing IDIQ Opportunities Without Access

By Scott Haltom - Published Oct 24, 2023

It is challenging to win a seat on an GWAC IDIQ contract vehicle. Learn how to use InfoSquirrel to access these opportunities.... Read Post


Applying Lean Six Sigma Methodology to Proposal Management and Business Development

By Scott Haltom - Published Oct 10, 2023

Are you experiencing unwanted variation, waste, and re-work in your Proposal Management and Business Development processes? Learn more about how Lean Six Sigma methods can be used to upgrade your team's performance.... Read Post


Empowering Small Businesses with Secure and Efficient Proposal Management

By Scott Haltom - Published Oct 5, 2023

Many government contractor small businesses struggle with proposals. Learn how InfoSquirrel can transform your processes and start winning!... Read Post

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Going from $2MM to $158MM in Two Years

By Scott Haltom - Published Oct 4, 2023

Learn how one organization used the InfoSquirrel software to win new contracts.... Read Post

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The Importance of Expanding Your Network

By Scott Haltom - Published Oct 3, 2023

If you are struggling to win new business, it is likely because you don't have the right teaming partners. Learn more about expanding your network to win more contracts...... Read Post

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